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~~Corydorus & Catfish~~

Corydorus & Catfish
~~Bronze Catfish / Brochus Britsky~~
Neon Tetra

Scientific Name: Corydoras aeneus

Common Name: Bronze catfish or aeneus catfish.

Habitat: They are widely distributed over South America from Trinidad to the La Plata.

Water Conditions:
Neutral to slightly alkaline; water should have no salt added to it. These fish come from absolutely fresh water. All dried foods are accepted, but to keep them in really good shape an occasional feeding of Tubifex worms should be given.

Size: 7 cm (2¾ in.) in length, usually a bit smaller.

Color Variations:
Greenish brown on the sides, darker above and a dirty yellow underneath. There is a darker zone on the sides. An albino Corydoras has been developed which is not found in nature. This is one of the most popular Armored catfishes among the aquarists. His armor plates, which he wears on his body in place of scales give a hard, bony surface for protection. It has sharply-spiked anal and dorsal fins which would make a larger fish to avoid biting them. Their alert eyes always looking arund while grubbing around the bottom in search of food using their barbels. This accessory taste organs even allow them to find food in the dark.


~~ Sucker catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus )~~
Male Guppy

Scientific Name: Hypostomus plecostomus (Linnaeus)

Common Name: Sucker catfish, plecostomus.

Habitat: Native of La Plata region, Rio Grande do Sul, Trinidad.

Water Conditions:
The fish prefers slightly hard, alkaline water. Temperature around 24-27C.

Food Requirements:
They are algae eaters but will accept a great variety of live worms such as earthworms or frozen foods. They will accept chopped lettuce leaves instead of algae. It can reach 180 cm in natural waters; most captive specimens get no longer than 30 cm.

Color Variations:
The body is grayish to dark brown in colour with irregular dark markings. The fins sometimes show rows of dark spots. Not all catfish are beautiful. The sucker catfish is among one of them. The mouth is a round, underslung affair with which the fish can attach itself to a flat surface and rasp off the algae. This makes it a very useful citizen in a tank which is plagued by algal growths. They have a striking large banner-like size fins. Their eggs are large (10-12 mm) and orange in colour.

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~~Pictus Catfish~~
Female Guppy
£4.95 each

Not to be trusted with smaller breeds of fish as it eat almost anything.

Especially likes to feed at night.

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